Avalon Custom Homes, LLC is proud to offer a wide range of services that will make your custom house the home of your dreams. We tailor every detail of the project so that your one-of-a-kind home is uniquely yours.

Architectural Services

Avalon Custom Homes, LLC does not utilize any standard set of plans. We certainly want to share with you all aspects of other homes that we have designed and built, but want to create a working partnership with you that will result in a perfect plan, a satisfying building process and a personalized space for you and your family. This is the “custom” part of building a new home – everything is unique to your vision for the home of your dreams.

We consult with our architect on a regular basis so we have all of the capabilities to do a full CAD design. If you have some ideas, we can help you develop them, or if you’ve found one or two plans in a book or online that interest you, we can help you customize them so that your dream home becomes a reality. We will also be glad to work with your architect as well.

We will discuss every detail and during the process we can make specific suggestions to engineer your plan and make sure all of the designs are the most cost effective and meet your budget concerns.

Construction Services

Avalon Custom Homes, LLC takes great pride in building an engineered home from foundation to rafter while including some of the best building practices to increase energy efficiency.

Every post-tension designed foundation is engineered to meet the specific lot conditions and all roof frames are engineered whether you are using trusses or conventional framing.

We include vinyl windows, an exterior house wrap, radiant-barrier roof decking, blown cellulose insulation for the wall cavities, and a 14 SEER HVAC unit in all of our homes. This is well above the minimum required and we do this because it is more energy efficient.

We oversee every aspect of your home to ensure that you get the highest quality material and that each phase is completed in a timely manner. Tasks are scheduled for our projects every single day so there is no down time. We will meet with you as often as you like and on many of our home builds that is daily.


Avalon Custom Homes, LLC is one of the most competitive custom builders in Central Texas because we bid every aspect of the build project to insure you get the most cost effective material and labor without sacrificing quality or craftsmanship.

The price of every new house varies due to the many different designs and specifications of the particular homeowner, but after we meet and review your plans we will be able to give you a fairly accurate price estimation.

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